I started my small business in 2015 to share my enthusiasm and knowledge of gardening and encourage residents in the Prescott area to transform their outdoor spaces into productive food and pollinator gardens.

Our mission is to educate garden enthusiasts about how to build healthy soils and grow successful, resilient gardens at home in the central Arizona Highlands. Growing your own garden and learning to prepare and preserve your harvests can empower a person to learn about themselves, connect with their community, and create a stronger connection with the region they live within. Beyond that, learning to grow oneโ€™s own food fosters a deeper understanding of seasonal eating, where food comes from, and the food systems we depend upon.ย 

Our goal is to help clients grow diverse gardens that will thrive in their unique microclimates. Whether you are completely new to gardening or have been gardening for decades, we will help you bring your ideas and garden goals into fruition. We offer garden consultations and coaching, design, installation and bi-weekly maintenance.ย 

Your garden is unique to you. We encourage everyone to dream big and start small. Our team specializes in vegetable and culinary herb gardens, medicinal herb gardens, fruit trees, berries, and perennial vegetables, patio and container gardens, composting systems, and season extension methods.ย 

We are a chemical-free company and strive to build healthy soils using compost, crop rotation, low-till garden methods, and certified organic amendments. Our approach to pest control is to maintain a balanced garden system that attracts beneficial insects and wildlife, and use various manual methods to keep other pests and critters in check. We teach our clients about conscious watering practices and to utilize this resource wisely. There are many ways to grow a successful garden in Arizona, and we are here to help you along the way.