I started my small business in 2016 to share my enthusiasm and knowledge of gardening and encourage residents in the Prescott area to transform their outdoor spaces into productive food and pollinator gardens.

My services include consultations and garden design, troubleshooting and problem-solving in existing gardens, building and installations, and maintenance. Installations include raised beds, container gardens, in-ground planting, composting systems, and greenhouses.

I work with my clients to design a garden that will fit their unique space and budgets. The plant palettes I work with include annual and perennial edible plants, native and pollinator gardens, cut-flowers, and a wide array of culinary and medicinal herbs. I encourage everyone to pick a variety of plants for a more harmonious garden.

During our time working together, I teach clients how to grow a successful garden in the central Arizona highlands using organic practices with an emphasis on building healthy soils. For more information on gardening and farming, check out my resources page!